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Be informed. Be safe.
Be compliant.

We bring training to you.

Delivered in a classroom setting with real-life application, participants receive immediate knowledge to implement and ensure safety in the workplace. AND our classes are not generic overviews. We pride ourselves on customizing our content to your business setting. 

Why do you need safety training?

When OSHA puts out their topmost cited violations each year, we continue to see lack of education and best practices that result in near misses, citations, and injuries.


When you bring in a professional who has experience working and training in these areas, you are sending a message that your company cares about your people. Remember, training will inform employees of safety standards and steps – employees still need to perform them. Additionally, leaders need to coach, mentor, and lead safety initiatives.

Informmic's mission is simple - safety.  

When Michael was asked why he started Informmics, he said, "I just want to help companies understand safety in the workplace. To get employees home safely to their loved ones in the same condition they deserve - every workday."


How do we live our mission?

By keeping you informed with accurate and up-to-date information through training regarding safety in your workplace. 

Image by Markus Spiske

Complete training solutions for your company’s safety needs.

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